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June  18, 2007

Meet the Originator of Modular Refrigeration

Northland Displays Original Column Design

Northland, the originator of modular refrigeration, the latest trend in kitchen design, first introducedtheir modelsin 1990. Homeowners, builders, architects and designers were finally free to create customized refrigeration centers of almost any size and configuration. The refrigerator with fresh produce could be situated by the prep sink while the freezer could be located pantry style, away from the immediate cooking area.

Today, Northland still offers the most columnar refrigeration options in the industry with four widths (18", 24", 30" and 36"), four door finishes (stainless steel, gloss black, glass and panel ready) and two interior finishes (stainless steel and Arctic white).

Aside from design benefits, Northland's columnar models have functional advantages too. They are designed to extend the shelf life of fresh foods through temperature management. Each module operates independently with its own evaporator and compressor, eliminating air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer compartments. As a result, air temperature is more evenly distributed, humidity levels are appropriate and there is no odor or flavor transfer. Fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer, and the ice cream doesn't taste like garlic.

Since this design is new to many manufacturers, interior storage capacity is often sacrificed. But Northland has had 17 years to perfect the patented Northland Power Module an ingenious self-contained unit that holds the refrigerator's mechanical components separate from the cabinet. This innovative system maximizes the usable interior space and offers anywhere from 10 to 20% more capacity than other brands.

Northland's column refrigeration is available through their network dealers nationwide. For more information, or to locate a distributor near you, visit or call 800-223-3900.

About Northland

Northland, an Aga Rangemaster Group Company, is a leading manufacturer of refrigerator/freezer systems and wine cellars.