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Over 100 Years Of History
1892 Ranney Refrigerator is founded in Greenville, Michigan to manufacture ice boxes for consumers. Known for being one of the best-fitted manufacturing plants in the country, it has over 150,000 square-feet of floor space.   1991 Northland introduces the industry’s first stainless steel interior and glass door refrigerators for residential use.
1938 Ranney Refrigerator moves to mechanical refrigeration.   2002 Northland unveils 72-inch wide refrigerator/freezer combination, by far the largest capacity system in the world for home use.
1970 Fedders Corporation purchases Ranney Refrigerator.   2003 Aga Foodservice Group acquires Northland Kitchen Appliance. Northland joins the company’s prestigious group of consumer high-end range cooking and refrigeration equipment companies that now include Aga Ranges, Aga Rayburn, Marvel, Domain, Fired Earth, Grange, La Cornue, Heartland and Rangemaster.
1978 Gordon Stauffer, president of Fedders Refrigeration, purchases the company and renames it Northland Refrigeration.   2006 Northland introduces a 60-inch refrigerator/freezer model.